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Welcome to The Ultimate Financial Boutique.  We offer an array of services to meet your financial needs and goals.  Schedule a consultation soon, so we can help you become financially empowered!

Coach Stewart
"I raised my credit score by 200 points in 12 months.
I have the finance credentials, but personal experience is the best teacher."  

Ms. LaToria Wright Stewart is a Certified Financial Education Instructor AKA a financial coach in Shreveport, LA who has over ten years in education. Ms. Stewart loves educating individuals on the importance of financial literacy.  She prides herself in empowering and educating individuals through the following financial vehicles: Money management techniques, Personal Credit Restoration, Building Business Credit, Life Insurance, Virtual Tax Preparation, and Business Ownership. 

In 2014-2015, Ms. Stewart found herself at a crossroads trying to figure out how to go from living on two incomes to one due a separation and divorce.  Credit cards were maxed out, student loans were getting ignored, and the savings account was depleted to provide for herself and her children.  Ms. Stewart didn't grow up having financial literacy conversations around the dinner table so it was time to figure some things out.   Financial stress is real. So she began studying.  Ms. Stewart AUTHENTICALLY raised her own personal credit in 12 months and applied different money management techniques to create various savings and investment accounts.  After helping friends and family accomplish the same goals, in July 2020, The Ultimate Financial Boutique was born.  Ms. Stewart became credentialed as a Certified Financial Education Instructor and an IRS Annual Filing Season Program participant.  Both credentials require studying and time to explore financially doing what's best for clients.  The journey of building business credit for The Ultimate Financial Boutique also began.  For UFB's one year anniversary, The Ultimate Financial Boutique purchased a business vehicle to celebrate.   


The Ultimate Financial Boutique has been successful in educating and empowering clients to achieve financial empowerment in the various ways:

  • Conducted Bridging The Wealth Gap sessions to provide youth with knowledge on financial literacy 

  • Secured generational wealth with life insurance policies

  • Produced first-time homeowners with individualized credit restoration programs

  • Coached business clients on a path to provide their small business with more funding and business vehicle purchases

  • Coached clients to utilize various money management methods to pay down debt and save money

  • Helped clients maximize tax refunds and coached clients to financial security by efficiently using their tax refund

Ms. Stewart practices bridging the wealth gap with her own children on their entrepreneurship journey.  At the young ages of 9 and 12, Ms. Stewart's children became owners of a vending machine business, opened up their savings accounts, and began investing in their own IRAs.  

Contact Information for Ms. Stewart:

The Ultimate Financial Boutique LLC, Owner

Business Email:

Business Number: 318-780-3068

IG - @ultimate_financial_boutique

Facebook - @TheUltimateFinancialBoutique



EMAIL:  CALL: 318-780-3068


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