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The Ultimate Virtual Tax Experience 



  • Ms. Stewart, The Ultimate Financial Coach, is a credentialed IRS Annual Filling Season Program Participant.  Ms. Stewart has completed several continuing education hours to enhance her knowledge of tax preparation.  She can also represent clients who return she prepares if needed IRS employees and customer service representatives.  

  • ​You can file your taxes from the comfort of your own home because virtual tax preparation is available through The Ultimate Financial Boutique!

  • With virtual tax preparation, we can schedule an initial consultation by zoom or telephone. 

  • You will then complete a client intake packet and forward all of your tax needed documents through the app, website link, OR email.  You can pick whichever method you choose.  

  • Once I have completed your return, we will talk via zoom or telephone.  Then, I will file your return.   


EMAIL:  CALL: 318-780-3068


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