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Five Tips for Managing Financial Stresses

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and, as a financial coach, I recognize that finances can be stressful!

  1. Identify your financial stressors. The first step to resolving the stress is to identify where the stress stems from. Once you identify the stressors, you can start to tackle them with a plan.

  2. Talk to someone. When needed, talk to someone about your financial worries. They may give you a perspective you haven't thought of. Reach out to a financial advisor or coach if you really need to figure things out and make a new plan. Sometimes it takes a little investing to get yourself where you want to be financially.

  3. Remain disciplined with your budget. If you make a budget, stick to it! That is going to help you feel most in control of your finances, and take some of the stress away.

  4. Build an emergency fund! Stash away savings to help mitigate stress. We all have good months and bad months financially. An emergency fund will help smooth out those tougher months.

  5. Check in. Remain in touch with how you're feeling and reflect month-to-month, If you share finances with a partner, check in with them, too!

Ready to reduce your stress and get a solid plan in place? Let's do it! Reach out and let's get started.

handling financial stress

handling financial stress

handling financial stress

handling financial stress

handling financial stress

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