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Spring Cleaning for Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month is a great time to check in on your financial literacy and reset your finances. Think of it as spring cleaning for your finances! Read on for my five favorite ways you can check in on your personal financial literacy and improve your finances today!

  1. Credit cards. Take stock of what cards you have and are currently using, as well as how they're helping (or hurting!) your credit. Credit cards are a key component to building credit so that you can get a mortgage, car loan, or more. And there are ways to do it well!

  2. Credit card interest and limits. Take stock of your current interest rate. Credit companies can change both of these. Is your credit interest best serving you, or is there another card that you could open with a lower interest rate?

  3. Budget. Check in on your budget. Make changes, make new goals, and keep yourself to it! Tell your money where to go and apportion every penny so you can meet your goals!

  4. Bills. Take stock of your bills to include within your budgeting system. And then, one of my favorite tips to keep your finances automated and running smoothly: set them and forget them!

  5. Subscriptions. Check your subscriptions! You could be losing money monthly on things you've forgotten about and no longer use. List them out and set calendar updates to check in on them.

Ready to improve your finances for Financial Literacy Month? Let's do it! Reach out and let's get started.

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