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What To Do with Your Tax Refund

Wondering how you can use your tax refund wisely? I've got you covered. Read on for seven things you can do with your refund to help you make turn the next months ahead into your ultimate financial year!

what to do with your tax refund

  1. Pay down debt. This is one of the very best things you can do with your refund so that you can start to free up some of your monthly budget for other things.

  2. Start building a savings account or add to your current savings account. If you're debt-free, you can use your unexpected refund to start building (or add to!) your savings and/or emergency account.

  3. Home mortgage payment. If you have a mortgage, you can pay down that principle with your tax refund.

  4. Gifting. If you know there are some gifts you'll need to buy down the road, now is a good time to chunk them out and keep your budget stable in the months ahead.

  5. A repair you've been putting off. Is there a car or home repair you've been putting off? Put that refund to good use and check it off your list!

  6. Donating. If you're in a good place financially and feel you can do it, donate to a cause you believe in! (If you need your refund for other financial things, you can always plan to donate un-needed clothes or things around the house!)

  7. Invest. If you're debt-free and have a good savings/emergency account built up, it may be time to consider investing.

There you have it! Download my one-sheet and circle your plan! Share on social with the hashtag #UltimateFinancialBoutique!

how to use your tax refund

how to use your tax refund

how to use your tax refund

how to use your tax refund

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